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Some tips to prolong your projector lamp life. 


 A projector's lamp is a projectors most important component and the one which has the most direct effect on its image quality. It is also the most expensive consumable item of a projector. To extend lamp life Regular Filter Cleaning is essential and will help to get the most lamp life out of your bulb.


Projectors draw cooling air in through filters, which attracts dust. All projectors SHOULD have their filters regularly cleaned. A standard projector will draw approximately 50 cubic meters of air through its fans in a typical working day. You can usually see the dust floating around in the air from the beam of light created by the projector. If you do not clean the filters, the projector warranty can be invalidated, which can lead to charges for optical cleaning and repairs. Projectors which are not maintained project a duller image and the lamp fails quicker.



Comcen can offer a preventative maintenance agreement which will solve most problems.


On average a maintained projector can last up to 25% longer before its lamp needs replacing or the projector fails.


 As if that’s not enough, who in school is responsible for replacing the lamps when they fail or cleaning the filters on a regular basis? There have already been instances where teachers are climbing onto chairs and desks to replace lamps and clean filters. Of course this is completely against the Health and Safety advice that all schools should adhere to.


 Neglected projectors will block up, overheat, cut out, blow lamps prematurely and eventually die. More than 80% of projectors and 90% of projector lamps that fail could have had an extended life span through a comprehensive service agreement.



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